Subscribe to a notification source

Choose which sources you want to listen from our list of integrated apps.

Choose notification delivery channels

We will deliver your notifications no matter where you go. It's your choice how you'll recieve them.

Customize notifications sources

We made it our goal to offer you a high level of customisation for each individual source.

Create your own notification source

Integrate your own custom apps through our API and start sending messages immediately.

Subscribe your team to your source

Invite your whole team to subscribe and stay updated. Offer them a variety of notification delivery channels to choose from.

Manage sources and delivery channels from one place

Use our awesome web office to easily manage and monitor your sources, delivery channels, account settings and everything else.

Miloš Mirić

“StreamIn empowered our applications with various message delivery channels so our users can stay updated no matter what. It saved us development time and money!”

Biljana Đorđević | Application Business Analyst